Pro-VideoGames (First Post)

Hello my Name is Nolan, I don’t really know the world of blogging but i wanted somewhere to place my feelings about video games. I don’t expect this to get much attention and I don’t care if it does, all I care about is if this changes someones mind about this topic, Enjoy!

Video Games today are in the middle of crossfire, some people say that they are bad and cause people to do crime. On the other side of the argument people say that they do no such thing, that instead they do quite the opposite. For me, I’m on the side that says that video games are harmless, why? Because I’m been playing video games for 6 years and I’m not psychopath or any type of paths. I have yet to see any kind of study that has science as its leading evidence, not just a middle aged women who thinks LOL means, “Lots of love” and not League of Legends. For lots of people video games have a calming effect on people, for me when I play video games they are how I forget the world we live in is filled with sexism, racism, genocide, and poverty. Video games gives me a feeling that I’m in control of my life (even though I’m not). Video game are now just the TV of the 1970, I’m saying that because they said the same thing about TV that they are saying video games, those being “the demon gets our children” and “Satan box”, just overall brainwashing by the media. As long as society has something to blame we’ll be happy, but is being happy worth taking million and millions of gamer down help? Now allow me to drop some facts on you, video game has tons of affects all or almost all of them are positive. Those positive affects include improved decision making, brain Power; and real-time strategy games that can boost cognitive flexibility. Now to be fair I will also list the bad effect (if there is any) which include poor performance, increased aggression, and carpal tunnel syndrome. But let’s be real here, you can avoid all of those, I do it’s not hard at all really, just get up every match to go get chips and boom exercise. But joke asides the positive effects outweigh the bad by far. Even if you don’t try to wiped the bad away with get up having friends and going outside every once and while. You can easily avoid the bad effects by walking a dog or playing with the cat. Until I see some kind of hard evidence that’s life changing that multiple scientists support, then I will happily say I was wrong (which will never happen). Gaming for a lot of people is a way out, a safe way out of realty, why? Because you can play as anyone and anything and do anything, ANYTHING including a social life or should I say an online life. Some of my best friends are online, I have a friend who I’ve talked and played with for 7 years and that’s the longest friendship I’ve ever had. Also other kids have other gaming systems (duh) but that opens up talking to friends after class, Ok I know what your think now, “when I was a kid we went outside and played with sticks”, ok whatever grandpa. This is 2015 technology rules the earth and there is still a lot of a people who hang out after class. There are people who are going to say “Nothing beats face to face contact” but gamer do “face to face contact” Pax east, E3 (Electronic entertainment expo), and Comic Con which is a yearly convention that based around comic books and video games, but almost always these conventions and the people who attend and try to do the face to face thing are called “Nerds”, “Loser”, and “No lifers”. So my question to you is, what do you really want gamers to do? True fact, 97% of kids in America play video games, the remaining three percent are in comas, and in 2013 there were 41,844,000 teens between ages of 10-19. The chances of meeting a psychopath are 1 to 150 so that’s 0.67%, so 0.0067 times 41,844,000= 280,354. That’s one way of getting the answer there is another way 150 divided =278,960 pretty close one another, so the number of teen psychopaths are around 278,960-280,354.

Time to address the thing we are all wondering, school shooting. It’s a soft subject and I’m not going to make any jokes about, but where I’m going I have to talk about it. So going back to teen psychopaths are somewhere around 278,960 – 280,354 and overall just looking at my last paragraph, I’m sorry to say but school / regular shootings happen, It’s hard to keep gun out of people hands and make sure that only use it for legal purposes. I hate to say it, but it’s all chance, people snap and sometimes we aren’t able to help them. As society progresses I ask don’t get mad at mental illness or video games, violate is a cost to live on this as much we don’t want to believe it, it’s true.

If you made it to the end, Thank you and have a nice day!